Maki-San derives from our family surname, "Mak". In Japanese,"Maki" means "sushi roll" and "San" means "Mr." With. a little play on words, "Maki San" represents the Mr. Mak's Sushi. Our logo is the chinese character for "smile" and "laugh". Our logo is a big part of our restaurant because it represents what we want to bring to all of our customers, happiness.

Since we are a family owned restaurant, we prioritize our family and community and our our goal is to develop a great relationship with all of our guests. We strive towards excellent service and focus on having quality products. The owners come from a canton/chinese background and each member has been in the restaurant business for many years.


Maki-San offers Hibachi, Sushi, and a wide selection of Chinese food. Following our logo and motto: "to smile" or "to laugh" is what we want to make sure our customers leave with.

We offer 3 different kinds of dining experience. You may dine in at the Hibachi grills, where food is cooked right in front of you or come sit at our sushi bar to watch our sushi chef work with our wide variety of fresh fish. You also have the option sitting in our main dining room area surrounded by koi fish hand-painted by the talented Chenlin Cai and enjoy anything in our menu.

Mr. Cai beautified Chinatown with many of his artworks and has murals exhibited throughout many places in the world like Florence and Japan. For more information about Mr. Cai, please check out his website: